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Hey I'm

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I'm here to help you
thrive online!

Welcome! Let me introduce myself: I'm your typical bilingual foodie and goofy Montrealer with a side of pizzazz. I'm also a brand and marketing consultant that helps solopreneurs and business owners to get consistent, profitable results from their businesses.

If you're ready to show up online and finally serve your community with true clarity and consistency, I'm your gal!

Blue Abstract

"Consistency is the foundation of


When you show up consistently, you demonstrate your
reliability and commitment to your audience. This, in turn, fosters a sense of trust and allows you to build meaningful connections with your community."


Posting online used to be the bane of my existence.

About 5 years ago, as I was trying to decode the social media code, I experienced your typical business owner content fatigue. I would put in so much effort, and show up on social media and for what?

3 likes. A comment from my mom. Nothing more.

That was SO frustrating. It made me want to give up. It made me want to never post again. What went wrong? I wasn't showing up to serve and connect with my audience;


I was showing up because I wanted random validation from the external world.


As I gained experience with brand and social media marketing, I got my A-HA moment!

from posting
to serving

Once I understood the issue, I worked tirelessly to build a system that allowed me to stay consistent and focused on my WHY.


I decided to retire my old excuses about why I wasn't posting.

I made social media work FOR me, and am now determined to do the same for YOU.


No more putting in a lot of work and getting little to no results with their marketing strategy. Only TRUE alignment with their clear brand strategy, and constant results.

Are you ready to do the same? Let's provide your ideal clients with undeniable value and irreplaceable support from your brand.

I want to SERVE and build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who are open and ready to make the SHIFT in their business. From looking for likes to truly serving their audience and guiding them toward a better future.

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Building a brand is a difficult task, especially when you are a small business. We face a competitive world, one where brands try to outshine each other both online and offline, and it's hard to stay afloat when you're not competitive enough.

You're under pressure to grow your business, and you're looking for experienced professionals to help you get there. You've tried to do it yourself to save a few coins, but instead, you end up with a BIG headache and a serious allergy to anything related to marketing or social media.

Your brand is at the core of everything.

​I'm here to help!

If you want a business that is not just surviving but thriving, then let me help you build a brand that is both online and offline.

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