Ketsia Colas-Leroy Marketing Consultant
Ketsia Colas-Leroy Marketing Consultant

I'm Ketsia

Brand and Marketing Strategist
+ Social Media Manager

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Building a brand is a difficult task, especially when you are a small business. We face a competitive world, one where brands try to outshine each other both online and offline, and it's hard to stay afloat when you're not competitive enough.

You're under pressure to grow your business and you're looking for experienced professionals to help you get there. You've tried to do it yourself to save a few coins, but instead, you end up with a BIG headache and a serious allergy to anything related to marketing or social media.

So what are your weaknesses? Your brand is not very strong? Your social media content is bland and boring? You don't have a strong online presence?

If you want a business that is not just surviving but thriving, then let me help you build a brand that is both online and offline.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Ketsia Colas-Leroy Marketing Consultant

Let me introduce myself.


I'm Ketsia, a Montreal-based brand and marketing strategist ready to help you make your brand shine online and offline.

In every digital interaction, I focus on delivering the best experience to my clients. Everything from brand development to social media management and marketing strategy,

I deliver it all with love.