Mesón Resto or Anatomy of a heavenly brunch

September 15, 2016


  GUYS!  For those who know me well, I love me some gooood food. Last weekend,  I went to this restaurant called Mesón with my good friend Marie-Isabelle. It LITTERALLY gave me life. 
I know I know; brunch is SO basic. But honestly It's my favorite meal. It's the only moment when it's acceptable to have your entree flirt with the desserts, pastry and alcohol.


Here's a look at what we got:

I got the GRAVLAX DE TRUCHA+extra egg+extra bread because why the hell not. The whole thing was divine! My friend chose the CHILI DE POLLO Y CERDO and honestly  everything was perfect.




The Churros that gave me life -->





By the way, I heard they make awesome tapas at night. Who's down for more food?










On a Sunday morning, this place is poppin'! It has a  really great vibe and creates the perfect Instaworthy moment.

Here's the address:


345 rue Villeray,
Montréal, Québec


Food, Montreal

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