4 apps to improve your Instagram feed


Here's what I use to keep my feed looking bomb:


Snapseed Logo

This is the first app I use to edit my pictures. I start by uploading my photos in the app, then start playing with the "Tune Image" function. Here's my go to sequence:

I lower the highlights to preserve the details in the picture, then I bright the brightness up. I will darken the shadows ( I love my blacks to be saturated). I sometimes go in with the brush tool but only if I have a stylus pen for a super detailed modification. LOVE the selective tool which allows you to only modify a specific section of your image. I finish up by straightening and cropping my picture.


Source: https://cdn.iphonephotographyschool.com/wp-content/uploads/Snapseed-App-Update-18.jpg



VSCO cam or the filter heaven. It's a very effective tool in order to keep your feed consistent. TONS of filters to choose from. Really good functions to edit. My Favourite filters are A5 (Analog) and HB2 (Hypebeast) and I try to keep them under 5 for a more natural look (you can choose the intensity of the filter).


Source: http://lifeinlofi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/vsco-cam-screen-0913-01.jpg


Retouch app

This little app is perfect to remove any items that would prevent your picture from being aesthetically pleasing. Adios ugly coffee cups, pimples and random electrical cords (who's with me?).

Retouch app




My favourite app to plan my feed. It lets you prepare your content in advance, from the image to the caption to your hashtags. A. LIFE. SAVER. With this little tool, I'm able to plan my feed weeks in advance

Unum App

Source: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56db7d4a8a65e2210b5c0cb2/t/59ab9cc63e00bebf33c7df1f/1504419033281/Unum+Instagram+Planning+App.png

Happy Feed planning!

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