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Without having to spend a dollar on ads or wasting hours in front of a tripod.

Learn How To Create Viral Content That Generates Sales & Appointments...On Demand.

As seen on...

And I know your work deserves more than 

just 2 likes on Instagram.


Let's get people to pay attention, trust and love your business! Join my Beautypreneur Social Accelerator, where I reveal my proven methods to cultivate, engage, and profit from your social media platforms as a service provider in the beauty industry.

For my lash artists, nail techs, aestheticians, and beauty providers looking to make a Big beautiful impact.

If you're not using social media to build your relationship with your ideal customer, you're going to talk to a wall.

Image by Hayley Kim Studios are not alone

Does this sound like you?

You pour your heart into your posts, but it feels like you're just not breaking through. Despite your best efforts, your unique beauty services and talents seem to get lost in an endless sea of content.

You're passionate about beauty, but translating that passion into a steady stream of fresh, captivating content is becoming a daunting task.

You've invested time, energy, and resources into your social media presence, but the return on your investment feels uncertain. Is all this effort REALLY translating into growth for your beauty brand?

Let me guess! As a beautypreneur...

If you're getting 0 likes, you're not connecting with your ideal client.

Talking to everyone essentially means you're reaching no one.


Before working with me, one of my lash artist client was spreading her efforts too thin across social media, making content for women 18-65 who can afford her services, yet failing to make meaningful connections.

As soon as we started working together, we fine-tuned her messaging, focusing her content to speak directly to her ideal client's desires and needs on their favourite platforms: Instagram and TikTok.


The before and after was  breathtaking —her previously dead platforms started getting more visibility & engagement and soon enough, she filled out her calendar with clients that resonated with her authentic message.

What if I told you there
was a better way?

Picture this:


Your beauty brand becoming well known on Instagram and TikTok, where your standout nail art, lash extensions, or hairstyles aren't just services but experiences that draw people in.


With a tailored strategy, I'm here to guide your brand to digital success, crafting posts that highlight your talent and connect with your audience, transforming viewers into paying clients and cheerleaders of your work.

Join the
Beautypreneur Social Accelerator

Discover the Beautypreneur Social Accelerator, an online program and support system offering a blend of comprehensive recordings, monthly strategy calls, insider tips, and dedicated support designed to elevate beautypreneurs to new heights of success on social media.


Enroll before April 30th to get bonuses!

Get ready for your biggest biz breakthrough

Transform your posts from overlooked to over-engaged, turning every share and comment into a celebration of your beauty brand.

From Sparse Engagement to a Buzzing Community


Move from uncertain content creation to strategic, engaging posts that not only resonate with your audience but also boost your brand's visibility and drive your business success.

From Guesswork to Targeted Impact


Shift from slow, uncertain growth to deliberate, impactful strategies that resonate with your brand and magnetize your ideal clients.

From Incremental Growth to Strategic Expansion


Transition from sporadic, aimless posting to crafting compelling narratives that captivate your audience, enhance your brand's appeal, and foster a loyal following.

From Random Posting to Influential Storytelling


Dive into the streamlined, focused guide you need to elevate your social media presence, tailored specifically for beauty professionals.


Fore  the


On demand content

Dive deep into the core of your beauty brand, where we'll sculpt your unique brand strategy, refine your mindset for success, and craft a compelling brand identity that resonates with your audience.

01. Brand Basics

Master the essentials of key social media platforms. This module demystifies Instagram, TikTok, and more, teaching you how to navigate and leverage these spaces for maximum brand impact.

02. Learn Social 101

Unlock the secrets to creating engaging, authentic content that speaks directly to your audience. Learn the art of communication that captivates, connects, and converts, turning followers into loyal customers.

03. Content Creation

Skin Clearing Serum

I'm giving all this and More

Not only will you get the Self-Paced course, but you will also get a bunch of bonuses to fast track your success!

Which includes Brand Worksheet, my Hook book for your videos, Content Starter kit

The Beautypreneur Social Toolkit

Hour-long calls where we review your content, and analyze your performance, giving you custom tips to improve.

Monthly group calls

Weekly insights on new trends, popular audios, and topics to cover in order to boost visibility.

Trends and content idea

A online safe space to ask questions, get support and stay accountable.

Community and DM access

a passionate Social Media Strategist committed to transforming your beauty business' social media presence.

Do you dream of millions of views on your reels? Are you looking to turn your TikTok  and Instagram accounts into a magnet for engagement and growth?


You're in the
perfect place.

Hi, I'm Ketsia

Here's what my clients have been saying

Upon enrolment, you'll receive a warm welcome into my community by email, to set you up for success, outlining tools, resources, and how to make the most of the academy.

You'll receive an email with all the details

You'll gain immediate access to the recordings, swipe files, templates and more.

Get immediate access to the community

Engage in monthly strategy calls, receive personalized feedback, and connect with fellow beautypreneurs. Our supportive community and continuous learning opportunities ensure you're never alone on your journey to success.

Ongoing Support and Growth

Here's what you get when you sign up today!

  • Step-by-Step Video lessons added weekly ($1,000 value)

  • Live Monthly Content Performance & Page Audit Group calls ($1,000 value)

  • The Beautypreneur Social Toolkit ($250 value)

  • Weekly content ideas & trending sounds ($100 value)

  • Hashtag vault ($50 value)

  • Hookbook for videos ($100 value)

  • Accountability support (Priceless)

  • Weekly online support (Priceless)

  • Cancel anytime!

     TOTAL VALUE: $2,500+


Sign up today and get:

Your best investment yet!

Who is the Accelerator made for?

You're tired of falling behind and you want to stay ahead catching the latest trend waves before they break.
You're so over content chaos and you're looking for clarity and creativity in your content creation process, ready to say goodbye to the guesswork.
You're done wasting time and getting no results and you're eager to streamline your efforts, focusing on strategies that actually move the needle for your brand.
You're fed up with not reaching your ideal client, and you're committed to accelerating your social media growth, attracting a dedicated audience that loves what you do.
  • When do I get access to the portal?
    Instantly! Once you enroll, you'll receive immediate access to the portal where all your course materials, including video modules, guides, and resources, await you.
  • How is content released?
    The course content will be released weekly. You can dive in all at once or pace yourself, whatever suits your learning style best. New content and updates released on a regular basis.
  • How does the membership work?
    To get access to the Beautypreneur Social Accelerator, you'll have to sign up to the monthly subscription. Stay in the accelerator for as long as you'd like, and cancel at any time.
  • I'm not sure about my schedule. Do I need to follow along week by week, or can it be self-paced?
    For the course portion. Whether you want to binge all the content or take it slow, it's all up to you. As for the group coaching, not to worry! You can submit your questions in our portal and watch the recordings.
  • How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?
    I recommend setting aside 1 hour per day to go through the content and apply what you learn. However, how much time you invest is flexible and can be adjusted to fit your schedule.
  • I'm planning to start my beauty career soon. Will this course work for me?
    Joining now can give you a head start, helping you build a solid foundation and strategy so when you're ready to launch your business or product, you'll be well-prepared.
  • Do you give 1:1 feedback or group calls?
    If you choose the cohort option, the course includes group support where you can get feedback and guidance. For more personalized feedback, there are options for 1-1 sessions.

Ready to take your socials to the next level?

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