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purpose fuels passion . decisions determine destiny . good things are coming

April 7, 2019

Are you one of the lucky ones that either gets partial work from home perks or even better,...

July 27, 2018

Hi Guys~ 

Posting the questions here just in case you'd like to do the tag too (which I stron...

February 6, 2018

Time to share some loveeeeeeeeee! Here are my Favorite Instagrammers ATM:



January 22, 2018


Here's what I use to keep my feed looking bomb:


 This is the firs...

October 4, 2017

Basically who's attention are you trying to grab? Social media cannot be a monologue. It...

September 15, 2016

GUYS! For those who know me well, I love me some gooood food. Last weekend, I went to this r...

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