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5 Creative Ways to Discover Video Content Ideas

The Quest for Fresh Content Ideas

Keeping your material relevant and interesting is essential in the always-changing world of social media. In the beauty industry, you don't simply offer goods or services; you also sell experiences, changes in people, and a sense of community. But how do you consistently generate fresh concepts for Instagram-friendly video content?

5 ways to find fresh content for Instagram

I always want my clients in the beauty industry to be on top of the trends. Hoping on trends has been one of the best ways to communicate their value and show off their business. It helped us grow their following and build an engaged community. Here are some of the ways I'm able to provide them with the newest ideas.

1. Scouting the industry: Learning from Industry Trends

Observing what other people in your business are doing that is successful is one of the finest methods to discover inspiration. Look at what your competitors are posting on Instagram, and note which videos are receiving the most comments. Although you don't want to imitate them, you might find methods to add your own distinctive twist to hot themes by studying their success.

2. Broadening Your Horizons: Drawing Inspiration from Other Industries

Sometimes, the best ideas come from the most unexpected places. Don't limit yourself to your industry – explore trending videos in completely different sectors. You might find a creative concept or a unique video format that you can adapt to fit your beauty business. This cross-industry inspiration can lead to truly original content that sets you apart from the competition.

  1. Find content creators that have a lot of good content and that are in a niche totally different from yours. Some of my favourite ones to look at are the fitness niche, the food blogger niche, and the wellness industry.

  2. Look at their top-performing posts and analyze what they did to connect with their audience.

  3. Tweak the video structure, messaging, and findings to your own industry

By doing so, it allows you to bring an existing trend to your own industry (making this trend brand new), and positioning you as a trendsetter for your own niche.

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3. Exploring Instagram: Leveraging the Algorithm

Your Instagram Explore page is a goldmine of content ideas. The algorithm curates this page based on what you and others in your demographic are engaging with, making it a great place to discover trending topics and popular content formats. Spend some time scrolling through your Explore page – you might just stumble upon your next big video idea.

If you interact a lot with content in your industry, you'll find that the content on your own explore page is only things that the algorithm considers aligned with your interest. Keep engaging daily with content in your niche to make your research easier.

4. TikTok Creator Portal: Tapping into Trending Sounds

TikTok isn't just for dance challenges and viral pranks – it's also a fantastic source of inspiration for your Instagram video content. The TikTok Creator Portal regularly shares trending sounds and video trends, providing a wealth of ideas that you can adapt to your Instagram feed.

Trends typically start on TikTok and end up on Instagram much later. By doing your research on TikTok and keeping track of the hot topics and sounds, you might be able to find the hidden gems that will make your Instagram content pop off.

Remember, Instagram Reels now allows you to use popular music in your videos, so don't be afraid to get creative with these trending sounds!

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5. Following Trending Sound Accounts: Staying Ahead of the Curve

There are several Instagram accounts dedicated to sharing the latest and most popular sounds and music trends. Following these accounts can help you stay ahead of the curve and discover new sounds to incorporate into your videos. Plus, using popular music in your videos can help increase their reach and engagement.

Keeping Your Content Fresh and Engaging

Coming up with new video content ideas for your beauty business doesn't have to be a struggle. By scouting the competition, drawing inspiration from other industries, leveraging the Instagram algorithm, tapping into the TikTok Creator Portal, and following trending sound accounts, you can keep your content fresh, engaging, and in tune with what your audience wants to see. So get out there, start exploring, and let the creative juices flow!

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