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15 questions about me: Marketing edition

Hi Guys~

Posting the questions here just in case you'd like to do the tag too (which I strongly recommend you to do!).

Enjoy and don't forget to tag me!

15 questions about me marketing edition:

1. Whats your current job: Operations Manager at OPM Pros

2. Whats your side hustle: Social Media Manager and Content Creator

3. How do you manage side hustling while working full time: Stay Organized and motivated

4. How do you sustain personal brand: maintained through instagram and facebook. make sure I voice my opinion and I connect with people from my community. More to come!

5. Favorite social media platform: Instagram. visual

6. Favorite type of content to create: Food Photo, Instastoryl

7. B2b or b2c: difficult to choose as I work in both right now. B2C as you can be more creative.

8. How to stay relevant in 2018: Stay Crisp with a capital P. make sure to check for all the updates for your favorite social media platform, Connect with your Audience ASAP. Change it up: if you've been doing things in a specific way and you're not seeing engagement, check your analytics and change your strategy.

9. Favorite marketer: Jenna Kutcher, Julie Salomon

10. Name a business that has their marketing on point in montreal: Frank and Oak: Crisp, Clean, Relevant

11. Top 3 favorite instagram accounts atm: Sarah Babineau: Kara_bino, Alexcentomo, petitandbold

12. Favorite apps to edit pics: snapseep, facetune, retouch

13. Chronological or algorithm: algorithm: you just have to ride the wave

14. Favorite marketing podcast: Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher, Being Boss Podcast

15. Favorite marketing youtube channel: The Sunny Show by Sunny Lenarduzzi

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